About us.....

BookSelf Venture is an entrepreneurship venture promoted by Sumantra Mukherjee, an 18-year old guy who is really very effective and efficient in bringing out a Digital Platform where guys & girls with creative mindsets can sell their creative works online and earn money from it.


Founded in 2015, the company primarily endeavors in meeting up the requirements of India and slowly expand to the other parts of the nations.


Known for the creativity, righteousness and perseverance as the most important motto of our KARMA, we believe in delivering QUALITY SERVICE to stand firmly head held high to your faith that you entrust upon us.


Every creative work is extensively curated by a team of experts and published in our platform. So BUY & SELL creatively only via BookSelf. 


Sumantra Mukherjee is the 18-year old young serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about 3 things on earth - 

  1. Film-making
  2. Writing Books
  3. Innovating Entrepreneurship

He started his career as an amateur film-maker by making his debut film THE PATRIOTIC RETROSPECTION at the age of 17. His portfolio holds the name of some most innovative companies like Flush It.... and THE FOOTPATH SCHOLAR.

He is the guy who looks after the Accounts, Technology & the Creative aspect of BookSelf Venture.

Drop him a mail at: sumantramukherjee1@gmail.com

Call him at : +91 8472911087

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